Our Foundation by selecting the name “Kuşadası Training and Development (KEGEV)” and to realize the goals in our FOUNDATION’S CHARTER has been established in 9 March 1990 with the leadeship of Hon. Hüseyin ARABUL, Hon. Ü. Naci AKDOĞAN and Kuşadası Mayor Hon. Lütfi SUYOLCU. In the name of 51 Board of Trustees’ names stated in the last section of the Foundation’s Charter in adition to above three names Hon. Hasan TONBUL, Hon. Sıtkı KAYALI, Hon. Kamil AKÖZ, Hon. Ali ALKIŞ, Hon. Gündüz KUTUCU are defined as the Founding Members of the Foundation and the Founding operations were conluded by them.

            Currently, KEGEV Chairman of the Board Mr. Şefik SÖZER – KEGEV Vice Chairman of the Board Mr. Kamil AKÖZ – KEGEV Secretary-Genaral Mr. Ömer GÜNEL – KEGEV Compter Mr. Mustafa AYHAN -, KEGEV Member of the Board Mrs. Meltem GÜNAYDIN – (Kuşadası Municipality representative) KEGEV Member of the Board Mr. Özer KAYALI – KEGEV Member of the Board Özden DAĞTEKİN  serves. KEGEV, with the ownership of the F. Özel ARABUL Culture Center (KUAKMER) building located at the address Camiatik District. Yıldırım Ave. No: 67 Kuşadası / AYDIN, continues to serve with its staff KEGEV Director Şadiye EVGİN – KUAKMER Building Janitor Eylem AKGÜN – Historian Library Officer  Şenay SEVİK – Cafetaria Staff Güldem KAYA – Guards Dursun ALTINSOY and Ahmet AKYOL.

Our Foundation continues its work with the support of KEGEV volunteered Consultants Hon. Hüseyin ARABUL, Hon. Ali ERGÜL , Hon. Zerrin BAĞCİVAN , Hon. Melek SÖZER and Hon. Ayşe ŞERİFOĞLU.

   KEGEV  From Establishment to today;

  • Our Foundation has supported Kuşadası Golden Pigeon Music Competition in its early years. 
  • KEGEV  in its founding year, has initiated the establishment work of  “ Satellite” facility for Kuşadası people to watch international TV telecast in an effective and economic way which led to the completion in 1991 and opened for use.
  • Since the establishing year KEGEV formed the first Kuşadası Folk Dance team, has created the favorable conditions  for doing the shows, completed all the necessities for dancers’ trainings until their performances.  In 1998 KEGEV established the “ Folklore Society“. This way has formed Kuşadası’s first floklore society and official team. The Society during its active years has made significant efforts for Kuşadası’s tourism.
  • KEGEV, has provided the necessary negotiations with institutions, launched a donation campaign for the completion of the construction and allowed the completion of the Çakabey Secondary School (current name Atatürk Secondary School) building which remained half way in 1990
  • Since its foundation has began to provide student scholarships.  
  • In 1993 pioneered the opening of  the Tourism and Hospitality Management Branch in Adnan Menderes University in  Kuşadası
  • KEGEV managers who sensed the lack of a private language school in Kuşadası which is accepted as the capital of tourism, in 1993 has opened the KEGEV Private Naci AKDOĞAN College completely based on donations. Our school with kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools has served for Kuşadası and nearby districts since 25 years and continues to serve on the 18,620,44 m2 land donated by the late Hon.  Naci AKDOĞAN.
  • Our Foundation since its establishment has organized panels, sessions, interviews, symposiums in education, culture and art for Kuşadası.
  • In 1994 our Foundation has established a library in the name of Sunullah ARISOY in  KEGEV Private Naci AKDOĞAN College with Hon. Ülkü ARISOY’s late spouse Sunullah ARISOY’s donation of his books.
  • Hon. Zehra KUTLU in 1996 has donated her %50 share of the house known as Mufti’s house to our Foundation. KEGEV has taken the remaining  % 50 from the other inheritors. Our Foundation with the support of Kuşadası Municipality and Hon. Hüseyin ARABUL has erected this historical building. In 7 September 2016 has opened the “KEGEV Kuşadası Private ARABUL Culture Center” also by everyone known as KUAKMER to serve the Kuşadası people.
  • Starting in 1996 as the Sunullah ARISOY “Turkish Language Prize” shortly after turning into “Poetry Prize”  has been organized by our Foundation since 22 years with increasing national respect.    
  • In 1998 Hildegard WİLHELMİNE has donated % 50 share of  “Neptün Hotel” to our Foundation. Lawsuits for other inheritor’s  %50 shares still continues, these cases are followed up by our Foundation 
  • The first KEGEV theater team has been established in 1998,  Muzaffer İZGÜ’s  “ Would You Marry My Daughter Please” play had been staged. Afterwards by the contributions of both KEGEV Private Naci AKDOĞAN School teachers along with staff and Adnan Menderes University in cooperation with students several plays like  “Pof’la Paf”,  “ Contrarian Dual” , “When Walnut and Ant Becomes Friend” has been staged in Kuşadası and surrounding.
  • In 2003 by the tender made by Kuşadası Municipality  KEGEV facilities located in Türkmen District Akyar Mansions knows today as Island Culture Center had been operated by our Foundation. Choirs of Turkish Classical Music and Turkish Folk Music which continues their practices in KEGEV facilities have given various concerts, dans workshop teams attended to national contests and won prizes. 
  • In 2009 in cooperation with İŞKUR- County Public Training Center and KEGEV organized courses to train intermediate staff to Tourism sector, graduates have been placed by our Foundation to work in 4 and 5 star hotels.    
  • The late Hon. Sevil ALTAŞ’s daughter Hon. Meltem GÜNAYDIN has donated their house in 2012 to Kuşadası Municipality with the condition of usage rights  %50 to KEGEV and %50 to Municipality in order to build “ SEVİL- YAŞAR ALTAŞ CULTURE CENTER”. The restoration of the house had been started by Kuşadası Municipality and still continues. It is planned to put in operation in 2018.
  • In our Foundation site, in 2013 with the leading role of Kuşadası District Governor Hon. Mustafa AYHAN, Hon. Ali ERGÜL as the head of the editorial board in which NGO representatives and valuable photographers taking place after a year and a half of  meticulous work “Kuşadası Prestige Book” had been completed. 2000 pieces had been published in 2014. On demand another 995 pieces also published in 2017. KEGEV, in 28 years of operations had experienced some hardship from time to time effected by economical and cultural problems across the country. However KEGEV volunteers, KEGEV Board of Trustees and KEGEV Managers have received an ongoing support from Kuşadası Municipality along with Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce, Kuşadası District Governorate and all NGOs. Our Foundation traditionally give scholarships to  highschool and university students of Kuşadası families. Currently over 40 students receive scholarship. KEGEV continues to work and show every effort to a better Kuşadası in which more progressive steps are taken, our children and youth are educated with contemporary methods and scholarship supports to ones in need, Culture and Art always alive.